Italmarine Group expansion

ITALMARINE has expanded its delegations and agencies throughout America, to guarantee the best quality of its services to clients from all over the world, whose ships call in the ports of South, Central and North America.

ITALMARINE has announced that since January 2013 its delegations in the United States, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay have been enabled and operational. To contact all of them, you only have to send your requests to the e-mails detailed below, always with a copy of the one from the USA, in order to ensure that potential problems with the internet do not leave an e-mail unanswered.

During the presentation of the new services, its President, Mr. Rafael Gallerano explained that the current network of offices seeks to strengthen the market throughout the region, and consolidate the current position as the undisputed market leader in this area of ​​the world.

ITALMARINE USA’s operations have been significantly strengthened with the incorporation of new personnel with many years of experience in the maritime sector, and based in Miami, it has full capacity to operate in all ports in the United States, highlighting its presence in the Gulf of Mexico area.

Another very important step was the start of operations from ITALMARINE Panama, not only because of what this country represents for the shipping sector, but because of its strategic location to serve the Caribbean market, which was a long-awaited service by the clients of the company.

The presence of ITALMARINE in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay confirms the company’s decision to guarantee its clients the best service that a company can offer throughout the region, with the best and most experienced professionals in the sector in the region.

All of the above will be reinforced with the use of a new computer system, which will allow all operations to be linked, and respond to customer requests for quotes in record time, supervising everything from their central offices.

Additionally, a new website has been launched, which will serve as one more link between the clients and the company.

Finally, Mr. Gallerano explained that in the new structure of the company an international team of professionals has joined the Board of Directors, knowledgeable about the market and the maritime sector, which will surely contribute to the further development of the company, and of the different agents that participate in ITALMARINE GROUP.

Source: Italmarine Group. Communications Department.

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