Italmarine Group


ITALMARINE C.A. was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, on April 5, 1992, with what has been more than 28 years serving the maritime sector in Venezuela and Latin America.

Its founder and current President Angel Rafael Gallerano came to Venezuela after having worked in Argentina, Brazil and Canada for more than 12 years for large ship supplier companies.

His great experience and dedication to work allowed him to develop all his potential in Venezuela and make ITALMARINE a leading company in services as GENERAL SHIP SUPPLIER under the initial motto of FRESH, FAST AND CHEAP! Which was printed on all their vehicles and their work uniforms, the image of the logo being a friendly pelican.

Over time and at the request of its customers, ITALMARINE has expanded its food and cabin provision service; machine, deck, telecommunications and maintains an extensive catalog of technical supplies for maritime repairs.

As a reward for this effort, ITALMARINE was accepted as part of the International Shipsuppliers & Servicies Association – ISSA, which has also distinguished the company with its Quality seal that endorses the work well executed by the company. Later it was also accepted as a member of the International marine Purchasing Association – IMPA.

Puerto Cabello, La Guaira, Maracaibo, Amuay Bay, Punta Cardón and Guanta are the main ports in Venezuela where ITALMARINE clients receive the careful service and dedication of the local representatives, all oriented to follow the line of work of high quality and responsibility. set as an initial goal since 1992.

Currently ITALMARINE provides service, assistance and support to its clients in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Miami (USA), with ITALMARINE PANAMÁ as support for the Caribbean islands, from where it sends containers with supplies and materials.

ITALMARINE’s goal is to offer its clients the same quality of services in AFRICA.


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